Backoffice System

Casino Backoffice Management Console

Administrative Features:

Powerful and simple to use management console giving you full control of your Online Casino.

Enhanced Security - Various authentication methods.

User Accounts Management - Direct access to user transactions and games history, suspend and un-suspend users. 

Funds Management - Review deposits, withdrawals, bonuses. Manually add & remove funds to & from user accounts.

Agents - Create and manage Agents to work with your Casino in partnership.

Tournaments - Create and manage Tournaments.

Game Categories - Create and manage game categories.

Bonuses - Unique advertising and promotion tools, Welcome Bonuses, Happy Hours, Playing progress bonuses, invite friends, Daily Loot Boxes, Daily Spin Wheel of Fortune.

Progressive Jackpots - Create and manage the Progressive Jackpots, Set starting balances, Percent to add to each Jackpot from each bet & set the trigger amount to payout each Jackpot.

Pincodes - Generate bonus codes with set amounts.

Game Management - Details of each game, Money In/Out, Total Profits, RTP %, Adjust the min/max Bets, Denominations, Enable/Disable games, Adjust Jackpots, Payout Percentages & in-game bonuses.

Statistics and Reporting - Pay Stats, Game Stats, Staff Shift Stats. Taking a quick look over the statistics can help you with your future management.

Activity Log - System and User Data, Check what activities staff and users have done including detailed tracking, logged in/out, date & time, IP, Browser, Device, OS, Country, City etc.

Staff Permissions - Management of different levels of staff such as Agents, Managers & Cashiers with what they can and cannot access in the Casino Backoffice Management Console.

API Keys - If you want to allow others to use your games on their sites.

Support Tickets - Handling of Customer support tickets.

Banks - Manage the Casino Game Banks - Contact us for more information.

Settings - Disable/Enable the site, Clear game stats, Country block for players, Player deposit limits, Currency settings, min/max deposit limits and more.

Casino Backoffice Management Console

Casino Backoffice Management Console

Casino Backoffice Management Console - No Games Included.You can purchase any of our 1092 games indi..


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