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The world of online gambling is rife with a mind-blowing variety of games. While some of these are truly remarkable and impressive, some are just not up to the mark. That said, it should be conceded that the most successful gaming developers are those who stay a step ahead of the time and can shape the future of the industry.

EGT Interactive, with an arsenal of over 100 popular games hosted at almost every top online casino you can think of, surely fits the bill in this regard. With an eye on the upcoming holiday season, they have quite a few releases scheduled for the last quarter of 2017. Among the most exciting of these is 40 Burning Dice – a dice game where you can wager flexibly and win handsomely. It’s a simple, no-frills game that can provide a welcome change for avid gamers, while also letting them play for real money and clock some profits.

What’s the Deal?

While the people over at EGT have remained tight lipped about the wheres-and-hows of this game, it will be safe to assume that most online casinos will let their customers try a hand of free 40 Burning Dice a in not-too-distant future. Players who are familiar with the workings of online slots will have no trouble figuring out how to play this game due to many similarities between the two. In spite of these similarities, this dice game isn’t quite a slot, because fortunes move here according to the roll of the dice, and not the spin of the reels.

The graphics you will encounter while playing 40 Burning Dice bear some unique features. The neon green colour used as the background theme is reminiscent of many EGT Interactive slots and their latest releases like ’40 Burning Hot’ and ’20 Burning Hot’. The dice and other symbols carry detailed and meticulously crafted designs that go hand-in-hand with the theme of this game.

The volatility of 40 Burning Dice is expected to be moderate, giving conservative players enough leeway to put up higher stakes and expect bigger real cash rewards. At the same time, this is also likely to put off high rollers who usually look for high risk and higher rewards. The gameplay also features the standard autoplay feature that allows you to keep rolling the dice fast, without having to wait for the intermediate animation to finish.

Enough Striking Opportunities

40 Burning Dice, unlike other similar games by EGT Interactive that have recently gone live, carries 40 different lines that can potentially be loaded with stakes. The increased number of lines has already sent a buzz through the online gambling community, and this buzz is only going to get louder when the game gets a release.

There are 5 reels to work your way up with, divided into 4 rows each. The game, as we mentioned earlier, has 40 paylines in a variety of orders. However, as the pay table states, a combination is deemed to be a winner only when it matches the pay table listings in a left-to-right order. Many players might see this as a disadvantage, especially as many slots with similar or even more number of paylines have no order restrictions for combinations to be paid. The regular symbols of 40 Burning Dice are dice and numbers. The combinations involving these symbols aren’t too lucrative.

Turning the Heat On

Just because the regular symbols don’t really make up for your stakes shouldn’t mean that the gameplay is lukewarm. It doesn’t take long before you come across some special symbols that can turn your luck around.

Free 40 Burning Dice game, like almost every other EGT Interactive game, features just one wild symbol.

The wild of this game is represented by the ‘Girl-Joker’ symbol. This wild symbol appears exclusively on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reel. So, for you to be able to make the most of it, you’ll need to land matching symbols on the 1st and the 5th reel. There are two scatter symbols – the Dice with Green Hieroglyph and the Dice with Yellow Hieroglyph. These are expected to unlock bonus features with progressive multipliers.

We’re Excited!

Innovation is the most important driving force for an industry. So, it’s quite heartening to see that the best developers aren’t content with just furthering their established games, and are trying to bring something new to the table every year. 40 Burning Dice is an exciting prospect that has the potential to be a global favourite, especially among players who prefer simpler gameplays. Its novel ‘double scatter’ feature is something that can lead to umpteen bonus rewards. Much, however, hinges on the coin denominations that will be enabled.

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Burning Dice 40 Slot

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